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    Henan CPPCC Federation of Industry and Commerce Research Group visited our company for research

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      On the afternoon of July 31, Liang Jing, Vice Chairman of Henan Provincial Political Consultative Conference and Chairman of Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, led the research team of Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce of CPPCC, accompanied by Yang Yahui, the main leader of Jiaozuo City, and Zheng Qiuhong, the main leader of demonstration area, came to our company to conduct research and guidance. The chairman of our company, Feng Xingqi, presided over the reception.

      On-the-spot visit to our company's automation production line, provincial and urban leaders to listen to Chairman Feng Xingqi on the business situation and the next development ideas.

      Chairman Liang Jing praised and affirmed the entrepreneurship and achievements of our company, and encouraged our company to seize opportunities actively and continuously improve our ability of independent innovation. At the same time, city and district leaders said that they should solve the problems and difficulties in the development of high-tech industries and increase policy support.


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